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Möller Bakeware

Möller Bakery Systems is specialized in the production of industrial baking sheets, breadpans and baking supplies for industrial bakeries. The company is based in Bedburg-Erft develops innovative and customized Solutions für medium and large bakeries and leading manufacturers of bakery products.

Intensive advice and support in the search for suitable baking moulds, is a matter of course for us, because every product and every product line has a special requirement in order to ensure that an optimal baking result can be achieved. Our developments and sheet metal constructions are specialized to the demands of our customers.

Möller- products optimize the production process and increase the efficiency of plants.

Our Service

From the consultation of the first drawing till the presentation of the samples and through to budget planning and delivery, we accompany you through the entire production process. This is how we can develop together tailor made solutions that are fitting your product line is optimized to your needs. We produce Industrial baking pans and trays in our own production facilities suitable for automated and semi-automated systems and with identification for Robot Handling systems and labelling. We also advise you in questions of coating, because here the coating requirement differs depending on product line and product.


We consistently focus on quality. Professional quality management is an essential part of our company philosophy. Our products are characterized by a high durability, temperature resistance and high dimensional stability. As a matter of course, our products comply with hygiene regulations to ensure a smooth production process.


For our Baking Pans and Trays we use aluminised steel, aluminium or stainless steel to manufacture our innovative products, because we put our new products through extensive quality tests with innovative methods. Efficiency is our drive. Our solutions are process-oriented so that you can work with our products in a most efficient way to the best baking results. Of course, we also focus on energy efficience. With our modern sheet metal processing significant savings potentials are possible.